Like everywhere else, Africa’s domestic defense industry is matured albeit relatively unknown. The industry contributes to research, development, employment, and export revenue.

The defense industry in Africa is a strategic and economic asset, and from a socio-economic point of view, the industry contributes significantly to sustaining the military capabilities of African states.

African defense industry is growing rapidly, with Algeria, Nigeria, and South Africa, already making intra-regional military equipment sales.

Today, Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Sudan are already producing small arms, light weapons and other infantry systems.

The case for supporting a Robust domestic defense industry in Africa

Considering today’s geopolitical and security climate, Africa will do well to support and sustain its indigenous defense industry, particularly in the face of global uncertainty of the post-covid restrictions.

First of all, nations that rely on foreign suppliers at the end of the day pay a steep price because they’ll likely be subjected to the “spare parts diplomacy” if they fail to follow the political playbook of their supplier.

Secondly, in the political arena, to be considered a sovereign country, a state requires several defined fundamental elements including territory, population, and legal recognition. Without the means and competence to uphold these essential elements, a state is considered nonexistent in the comity of nations.

Besides that, irrespective of the potential threat indices, psychologically, every citizen expects complete protection and security guarantee from the state via its established defense and military institutions.

A capable military or defense structure provides a sense of security and stability, which fosters economic growth and national development.

Likewise, every country takes great national pride in its military assets and achievements.

And finally, even though maintaining a complex military force structure as well as a domestic defense industry is quite high, however, the reward comes in the knowledge that the state is safe and secure having achieved a formidable and capable military, a situation that will increase social confidence within and outside.

Benefits of the buoyant defense industry in Africa

Africa needs a capable defense industry for strategic reasons because of the instability in the continent and the need to be able to protect against the effect of the instability from the Middle East.

African countries that rely on foreign suppliers are dependent on the seller for spares, technical support, and ammunition.
This can easily render such countries vulnerable especially when international restrictions are placed on the armaments trade in times of crisis.

More so, with modern security threats being faced by states are non-state and sub-state actors like insurgents, secessionists, and bandits; – if all African countries had free and equal access to affordable and effective military equipment, the decisive military advantage will be achieved only through superior employment thereof.

This will automatically put the non-state or sub-state actors at a disadvantage because the state has access to superior weapons that cannot obtain.

This military equipment advantage can only be achieved through research, development, and manufacture of new and innovative weapon systems.

Furthermore, as every country has a unique environment, climatic, geographic, demographic, and doctrinal circumstances, they’ll require tailor-made equipment to suit their way of life. Without a homemade defense industry, this can be difficult and expensive to achieve.

And finally, all modern military equipment like aircraft, ships, armored vehicles, and missile systems require frequent industrial repair, maintenance, and upgrading. And battle damages, wear and tear require even more substantial repairs by industry, therefore an efficient military will require a supportive domestic defense-industrial complex.

Long-term growth prospects for Africa’s defense industry remain strong, to net clients and showcase its ingenuity, some African countries organise defense exhibitions where continental and extra-continental defense companies can display their products and systems. 

In the near term, African states will increase cooperation, share ideas and technical know-how in building better military equipment. While doing so, it is expected that intra-continental trade volume and manufacturing production will increase, and in turn, Competitiveness Index will widen.

Already, in order to boost their capacity,Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria and Ethiopia are currently investing in their defence industry, while Egypt, South Africa and Sudan houses Africa’s major companies and exporting capability. 

Our list features the largest catalog of companies that make and sell military equipment in Africa. We collaborate with several African military equipment manufacturers, and we welcome any company and an opportunity to bring in new clients via web advertising on the fastest-growing defense platform in Africa.

Our website is managed by defense industry specialists with many years of experience in this field. To be listed as a company operating in the defense industry in Africa, do not hesitate to contact us.
This list comprises ammunition production and assembly factories, and importing companies.

Defense companies in South Africa

  1. Armscor (South Africa)
  3. Atlantis Diesel Engines
  4. Advanced Technologies & Engineering (Paramount Advanced Technologies)
  5. African Defence Systems (part of Thales Group France)
  6. African Explosives Ltd. – (AEL)
  7. Alaris Antennas (pty) ltd
  8. Atlas Aircraft Corporation
  9. Aquila Arms and Ammunition
  10. BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa
  11. Bruisertech Pty Ltd.
  12. Bulk Mining Explosives – (BME)
  13. DCD Group
  14. Delta G Scientific Company
  15. Denel
  16. Denel Aeronautics
  17. Denel Dynamics
  18. Dentece Aerosystems
  19. ECM Technologies (Pty) Ltd
  21. Fuchs Electronics
  22. GEW Technologies (Pty) Ltd (part of HENDSOLDT Sensors GmbH)
  23. Hensoldt Optronics (Pty) Ltd
  24. Land Systems OMC
  25. Milkor (Pty) Ltd
  26. Maxam Dantex South Africa Pty
  27. MavTech (Pty) Ltd
  29. Osprea Logistics
  30. Paramount Group
  31. Protechnik
  33. Reutech Radar Systems
  34. Rheinmetall Laingsdale – (RHL)
  35. Rheinmetall Denel Munition (Pty) Ltd – (RDM)
  36. Rippel Effect Weapon Systems
  37. Roodeplaat Research Laboratories
  39. Saksa Technologies
  40. Sandock-Austral
  41. Saab Grintek Defence (Pty) Ltd
  42. Safran Helicopter Engines South Africa
  43. Safran Aerosystems – Verulam
  44. Thales Group
  45. Truvelo Armoury
  46. Twiga Services and Logistics
  47. Drakensberg Truck Manufacturers

Defense companies in Nigeria

  1. Proforce Nigeria Ltd
  2. Nigachem Nigeria Ltd
  3. Lodoni Company Nigeria LTD
  4. Equipment Protective Applications International Limited – (EPAIL) (Part of MOMAS Group of Companies).
  5. West Atlantic Shipyard (part of Piriou (France))
  6. Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing
  7. Badeh Aerospace
  8. BNTI Arms Ltd (part of BNTI Arms LLC)
  9. BNTI Ltd (defence logistics)
  10. BNTI Tactical Ltd
  11. DICON Primer Cap Factory
  12. Nigerian Army Vehicle Manufacturing Company – (NAVMC)
  13. DICON Kaduna Ordnance Factory
  14. DICON Special Vehicle Plant
  15. Nigerian Air Force / UAVision
  16. Mekahog Ltd.
  17. Demfas Aerosystems
  18. Lionstar Technologies
  19. SecPro Nigeria Ltd
  20. Obama Security
  21. NDL Nigeria
  22. Epenal
  23. SeWa
  24. EPAIL
  25. Al marine Nigeria

Defense companies in Egypt

  1. Abu Kir Engineering Industries – (Factory 10)
  2. Alexandria Shipyard – (ASY)
  3. International Marathon United Technology Group – (IMUT)
  4. Uralvagonzavod’ (Russia) – (UVZ)
  5. AEL Egypt (part of African Explosives Ltd (South Africa))
  6. Arab Organisation for Industrialisation Electronics Factory
  7. Arab Organisation for Industrialisation Engine Factory – (Factory 135)
  8. Al Mansura Ammunition Plant
  9. Benha Electronics Co. – (Factory 144)
  10. Abu Zaabal Engineering Industries Company – (Factory 100)
  11. Tank Production and Overhauling Factory (Abu Zaabal Tank Repair Factory) – (Factory 45)
  12. Egyptian Tank Plant (Helwan Tank Factory) – (Factory 200)
  13. Helwan Metal Hardware Co. – (Factory 360)
  14. Helwan Iron Foundry – (Factory 9)
  15. Helwan Diesel Engine Company – (Factory 909)
  16. Helwan for Engineering Industries (HEIC) – (Factory 99)
  17. Helwan Company for Non-Ferrous Industries – (Factory 63)
  18. Helwan Machine Tools Company – (Factory 999)
  19. Helwan Factory for Developed Industries
  20. Kaha Company for Chemical Industries – (Factory 270)
  21. Al Ma’asara Company for Engineering Industries – (Factory 45)
  22. Kader Factory for Developed Industries – (Factory 72)
  23. Arab International Optronics – (AIO)
  24. Heliopolis Chemical Industries – (Factory 81)
  25. Arab American Vehicles Co (AAV) – (AAV)
  26. Abu Zaabal Speciality Chemicals – (Factory 18)
  27. SEMAF
  28. Shoubra Company for Engineering Industries – (Factory 27)
  29. Abu-Zaabal Company for Specialized Industries – (Factory 300)
  30. Sakr Factory for Developed Industry – (Factory 333)
  31. Arab (British) Company for Dynamic Industries – (ABD)
  32. Maadi Company for Engineering Industries – (Factory 54)
  33. Arab Organisation for Industrialisation – (AOI)
  34. Arab Organisation for Industrialisation, (Helwan) Aircraft Factory
  35. Arab-British Engine Co – (ABECO)

Defense companies in Algeria

  1. Uralvagonzavod’ (Russia) – (UVZ)
  2. Etablissement de développement de l’industrie des véhicules – (EDIV)
  3. Société commune algérienne pour la fabrication des systèmes électroniques – (SCAFSE)
  4. Société algérienne de fabrication des véhicules de marque Mercedes-Benz – (SAFAV-MB)
  5. Société algérienne de production des explosifs – (SAPE)
  6. Etablissement de construction aéronautiques – (ECA)
  7. Plateforme des systèmes électroniques – (PSE)
  8. CaracaAlgérie (part of ECMK)
  10. Base centrale de logistique – (BCL)
  11. Leonardo Hélicoptères-SPA/Algérie
  12. Etablissement des réalisations industrielles de Sériana – (ERIS)
  13. Entreprise de construction mécanique Khenchela – (ECMK)
  14. Société de production de véhicules NIMR Algérie (Part of GPIM)
  15. Société Nationale des véhicules industriels – (SNVI)
  16. Sermar Algerie (part of Aresa International Group Spain)
  17. L’Office National des substances explosives – (ONEX)
  18. Etablissement de rénovation du matériel aéronautique – (ERMA)
  19. Société de production de boites de vitesse de marque ZF – (ZF Algérie)
  20. Societe algérienne pour la production de Poids lourds de marque Mercedes Benz – (APPL-MB)
  21. Société algérienne de production de véhicules spéciaux Rheinmetall-Algérie-Spa
  22. Société algérienne de fabrication de Moteurs de marques allemandes Mercedes-Benz, Deutz et MTU – (SAFMMA)
  23. Société commune de production de véhicules particuliers de marque Renault (Renault-Algérie Production) – (RAP)
  24. Construction and Naval Repairs Company (ECRN)
  25. Leonardo-Finmeccanica facility
  26. Ericsson Algeria
  27. E.H.C Defense, Algeria

Defense Companies in Morocco

  1. SIMRA Tanger
  2. SIMRA MAROC (Part of Segula Technologies)
  3. Souriau Maroc
  4. Daher Aerospace Maroc
  5. LELMA
  6. Safran Aerosystems – Tiflet
  7. MCR Technologie Maroc
  8. Safran Aerosystems – Sala el Jadida
  9. Safran Electrical & Power Maroc
  10. Heliconia Industries
  11. Ammunition plant (Nexter Systems)
  12. Manufacture Nationale d’Armes et de Munitions – (MNAM)
  13. EPC-Maroc (part of Société Anonyme d’Explosifs et de Produits Chimiques (France))
  14. SERMP (part of Groupe Le Piston Français)
  15. NTS Maghreb
  16. Aerotechnic Industries – (ATI) (part of Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance)
  17. SABCA Maroc
  18. Safran Electronics & Defense Morocco
  19. MATIS Aerospace (part of Safran Group)
  20. MDS Aviation
  21. Stelia ACAM (part of Airbus Group)
  22. Stelia Aerospace Maroc
  23. Composite Industrie Maroc
  24. Safran Aircraft Engines Engine Services (SNECMA Morocco Engine Services) – (SMES) (part of Safran Group)
  25. Safran Nacelles Morocco
  26. Safran Engineering Services Casablanca
  27. Bombardier Aerospace North Africa
  28. Segula Technologies Maroc

Defense Companies in Botswana

  • AEL Botswana

Defense Companies in Tunisia

  1. Stelia Aerospace Tunisie (part of Airbus Group)
  2. Société Tunisienne d’Explosifs et de Munitions – (SOTEMU)
  3. Safran Cabin – Grombalia
  4. Safran Aerosystems – Soliman

Defense Companies in Cameroon

  1. Manufacture Camerounaise de Munitions – (MANUCAM)
  2. Titanobel Cameroun
  3. Yavascalar Africa (Turkey’s subsidiary)
  4. Maxam Cameroun
  5. EPC Cameroun (formerly Société Camerounaise des Explosifs) (Part of Société Anonyme d’Explosifs et de Produits Chimiques (France)

Defense Companies in Benin Republic

  • Titanobel Benin

Defense Companies in Togo

  • Darkwood Logistics

Defense Companies in Ghana

  1. AEL West Africa (part of African Explosives Ltd (South Africa))
  2. Defence Industrial Holding Company Limited – (DIHOC)
  3. Kantanka Technological Centre of Excellence – (KTCE)

Defense Companies in Burkina Faso

  1. AEL Burkina Faso
  2. Société Industrielle Burkinabé d’Armes et de Munitions – (SIBAM)
  3. Société de cartoucherie voltaïque – (CARVOLT) (part of SIBAM)

Defense Companies in The central African Republic

  • Manufacture des Munitions de Chasse – (MMC)

Defense Companies in Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Société Africaine d’Explosifs – (Afridex) (part of Ministry of Defence, RCD)

Defense Companies in Ethiopia

  1. Homicho Ammunition Engineering Complex – (HAEC)
  2. Gafat Armament Engineering Complex (part of METEC)
  3. Nazareth Canvas Sewing and Garment Factory (part of METEC)
  4. Bishoftu Motorization Engineering Complex – (BMEC) (part of METEC)
  5. Dejen Aviation Engineering Complex – (DAEC) (part of METEC)
  6. Dejen Aviation Industry – (DAVI) (part of METEC)
  7. AEL Ethiopia (part of African Explosives Ltd (South Africa))
  8. Metals and Engineering Corporation – (METEC)
  9. Hibret Machine Tools Engineering Complex – (HMTEC) (part of METEC)

Defense Companies in Gabon

  • EPC Gabon (part of Société Anonyme d’Explosifs et de Produits Chimiques (France))

Defense Companies in Ivory Coast

  • EPC Côte d’Ivoire (part of Société Anonyme d’Explosifs et de Produits Chimiques (France))

Defense Companies in Mali

  1. Cartoucherie du Mali – (CARMA)
  2. Maxam Mali (part of Maxam Spain)
  3. AEL Mali (part of African Explosives Ltd (South Africa))

Defense Companies in Namibia

  1. Namdock
  2. Maxam Explosives Namibia Pty Ltd (part of Maxam Spain)
  3. August 26 Holding Company (Pty) Ltd
  4. Ndilimani Pyrotechnics Industries (Pty) Ltd (part of August 26 Holding Company)
  5. Sat-Com (Pty) Ltd (part of August 26 Holding Company)
  6. Windhoeker Maschinenfabrik (part of August 26 Holding Company)

Defense Companies in Guinea

  1. Katex Mine Guinée
  2. Using Militaire de Conakry – (UMC)
  3. EPC Guinée (part of Société Anonyme d’Explosifs et de Produits Chimiques (France))
  4. Nitrokemine Guinée s.a. (part of EPC Guinée)

Defense Companies in Liberia

  • Max Limited

Defense Companies in Sierra Leone

  • Amylum

Defense Companies in Senegal

  1. Piriou Ngom Sénégal
  2. EPC Sénégal (part of Société Anonyme d’Explosifs et de Produits Chimiques (France))
  3. A.D. Trade Sénégal

Defense Companies in Sudan

  • Military Industry Corporation
  • Al Boury Safari

Defense Companies in Republic of the Congo

  1. Manufacture d’armes et de cartouches du Congo – (MACC)
  2. Société Congolaise d’Explosifs (part of Société Anonyme d’Explosifs et de Produits Chimiques (France))

Defense Companies in Uganda

  1. Kyoga Dynamics Ltd
  2. Pro Heli Ltd
  3. Luwero Industries (Nakasongola Factory)

Defense Companies in Kenya

  • Kenya Ordnance Factory Corporation – (KOFC)
  • Saab Kenya Ltd.
  • Osprey Logistics (RSA)

Defense Companies in Tanzania

  1. AEL Tanzania (part of African Explosives Ltd (South Africa))
  2. Mzinga Corporation
  3. Tanzania Automotive Technology Centre – (TATC)

Defense Companies in Zambia

  1. Poly Technologies Inc (Zambia) Ltd
  2. Orica Mining Zambia
  3. AEL Zambia PLC (part of African Explosives Ltd (South Africa))
  4. Mupepetwe Engineering Factory – (MEF)

Defense Companies in Zimbabwe

  • Zimbabwe Defence Industries – (ZDI)

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